Save The Kimberley public meeting Avalon, Sydney March 15

Please click on the title and send the link to this page to everyone you know in the Sydney area. The push to awaken the East Coast to the threat imposed by heavy industrial development in the Kimberley starts on March 15. save-the-kimberley-meeting1

  • Peter Madvig

    A MUST – This area is the jewel in Australia’s wilderness crown. Once encroached upon, pretty much irreversible. What sort of legacy is that for future generations?!

  • Ricki – admin

    Peter: telling everyone you know about this meeting on Sunday or the website URL is a great start. Cheers – Ricki

  • MJ

    So tell us Ricki. How did it go? Please send me the pics and buzz to post up here for our myspace friends asap! Hope it was a great success!


  • Ricki – admin

    Hi MJ. It went really well. Around 100 turned up and I have to say that I’ve never been to a public meeting where the energy in the room was so palpable. Everyone was deeply concerned at what they heard and all are prepared to take action. SBS ran a story on the proposed development tonight with a few grabs from Albert and Martin at Avalon and brief shot of the meeting. I’m working on getting this up onto YouTube.

    Meanwhile, you can view the report here:

    A number of excellent proposals have come out of the meeting.

  • http://myspace Imogen

    Please tell us of any new meetings and why don’t you hold a protest and education meeting on Manly Beach front, great setting and gets the International attention with the news.

    Keep up the people awareness, let’s save the Kimberley!!!!

  • Ricki – admin

    Hi Imogen

    This was an opportunistic meeting as most of the speakers happened to be visiting Avalon over the weekend. I had two weeks to get the whole thing moving.

    The response will be more strategic from here on in and you can rest assured that there’ll be plenty of them in growing frequency and proportions.