Save The Kimberley – On Tour With the John Butler Trio

Save The Kimberley is proud to be joining the John Butler Trio (JBT) for their Australian Tour beginning in Perth on the 29th August and culminating in the Kimberley (Broome)  27th September 2010. Click here to see all tour dates.  
Albert Wiggan on stage on the John Butler Trio Australian tour

Albert Wiggan on stage during the John Butler Trio Australian tour

  News: A tribute to Malcolm Douglas – adventurer, conservationist, Kimberley legend and Save The Kimberley Director.   John Butler is one of Australia’s most exciting and successful musicians and his music and actions have always had a strong social and environmental awareness message.  Save The Kimberley will be providing information stalls at JBT’s Australian gigs and is on stage asking the question “What is the future for our Kimberley? Culture, Tourism and nature or heavy polluting industry?” and sharing our message of Environment Protection, Indigenous Tradition and Respect.  

Save The Kimberley Co-Chair Neilo McKenzie has joined the John Butler Trio tour to speak at key events, he has also been in meetings with poilticians and other decision makers.

  Albert Wiggan (pictured with John Butler) is a young Indigenous leader and family man who will be on stage telling his story and highlighting the importance of culture, including the song lines of his country, and the threat posed by proposed heavy Industry at James Price Point in the Kimberley – particularly in light of the WA Premier’s decision, announced during the tour, to compulsorily acquire land from the Indigenous Custodians to build a massive industrial facility. Elder and Cultural ‘law boss’ Joseph Roe will also be joining the tour for selected shows.     Support Save The Kimberley and the John Butler Trio Our thank you and a short statement regarding celebrity support.   Save The Kimberley would like to thank people like John Butler, Missy Higgins , Xavier Rudd and others who assist getting the message out as a counter balance to the vast financially backed and well oiled publicity  networks of government and resource companies. There has been some criticism of celebrities supporting our cause and we would like to clearly state our position that everyone has a right to their opinion and to be heard whether they are famous or not. Coming soon More great photos and footage from the tour and watch out for media coverage of the the tour and Save The Kimberley’s involvement. .  

Xavier Rudd (pictured with John Butler and Missy Higgins) is currently touring the US and spreading the Save The Kimberley message.

Traditional custodian and law boss Joe Roe on tour with JBT fighting the imposition of Industry on his country

  “I think we need to ask ourselves a simple question ; would we mine Kakadu or Uluru? Would we erect an oil rig in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef? If the answer is no then how could we allow these cowboys, (WA Premier -Colin Barnett, Woodside and their affiliates) to even propose such an atrocious attack on land and culture in the name of ‘progress’ at James Price Point. Barnett, Woodside and their mates are, sadly so out of touch with what’s really important to the Australian public that they think taking this sacred land without permission and building a big smelly, toxic industrial precinct on it is a good idea. I think its time for a big wake up call” – John Butler