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The Kimberley

The Kimberley region of Western Australia is as inhospitable and remote as it is breathtaking and diverse. From the fringes of vast deserts to wild rivers, deep gorges, mountain ranges of mythical proportions and coastline lashed by cyclones and gigantic tides.

Gas hub bungle embarrassing: Dodson

The man known as the “Father of Reconciliation”, Pat Dodson, says a proposed gas precinct north of Broome that has split the local community, looks less and less likely to go ahead.

Broome Families say NO

Created by Broome filmmakers, this short film gets to the heart of local concerns about the proposed gas plant near Broome. Locals beg decision makers to consider the social, environmental and cultural effects the precinct would have on the richly historical and multi-ethnic town of Broome.  

Browse land grab ‘unlawful’

Western Australia’s largest proposed resource development, the $30 billion Browse liquefied natural gas development off north-western Australia, has been dealt a blow after the WA Supreme Court determined that state government actions to secure land for a proposed gas hub at James Price Point were unlawful.

Woodside gas plant doubts

HOPES that Woodside Petroleum will abandon plans to build a massive gas plant near Broome have been boosted by news that a final investment decision on the controversial $30 billion Browse LNG project will be delayed until 2013.

Artists Praise Prices Point Area – August Exhibition

Local artists, Rod Hartvigsen and Kerry Marvell, announce an exhibition of works highlighting the beauty of Walmadan. Read below about this striking body of work, available for viewing to the general public from August 9th to August 15th 2010 at Pinctada, Cable Beach, during regular business hours. The Wonders of Walmadan – A Truly Remarkable […]


OIL SPILLS:  Cable Beach. The Timor Sea. The Gulf of Mexico.  As we digest the daily updates on BP’s oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, those of us considering the impacts of the potential industrial development on the Kimberley coastline see more and more reason for great caution.   Even the President of the […]

Former Federal Court judge Murray Wilcox QC has launched a book opposing a large industrial development on the Kimberley coast of Western Australia

Former Federal Court judge Murray Wilcox QC. Called, ‘The Case Against The Gas Plant’, the book is about the proposed development of a massive LNG gas plant which would use a site near Broome as its preferred processing location instead of piping to the already industrialised region of the Pilbara.   Prime Minister Kevin Rudd […]

Do you Fish ? Well remember you also vote

Broome waters are internationally recognised as a Fishing Mecca for recreational fishing  . It is a sustainable industry that has some of the worlds best light tackle sports fishing. This has been Bringing tourists to the region for the past twenty years.  The proposed gas hub at James Price Point threatens the prised Sailfish and Marlin grounds which are just […]

The case against James Price Point substantially arises out of the WA government’s own documents

There is a new heavyweight in the ring ready for fisticuffs over plans to build a gas processing plant close to Broome. It’s former Federal Court judge Murray Wilcox QC, who has sat on dozens of historic cases and has long had an interest in human rights. Mr Wilcox, made last week an officer of […]