Gas hub opposition 'arrogant': Tuckey

THE FEDERAL MEMBER for O’Connor, Wilson Tuckey, has branded environmentalists as “arrogant” for opposing the Kimberley gas hub and the millions of dollars it would generate in payroll tax. Organisations such as Save the Kimberley and the Conservation Council of Western Australia have pledged to prevent any industrial development on the Kimberley coast, saying it will jeopardise whale and turle populations. Mr Tuckey says it is hypocritical for people who rely on the state health system and the Royal Flying Doctor Service to oppose revenue raising projects. “It’s more than a concern, it’s annoyance and arrogance of such people who are willing to deny all the people of Australia the very considerable tax revenue that arises fro projects of this nature,” he said.
Source: ABC Online

  1. I think that it’s arrogant and hypocritical of a person who has always fought every conservation initiative ever proposed in this country to put his hands out for clean food, demand fresh air, take a holiday to any destination other than a casino, enjoy any natural scenery, enjoy the dollars injected into the Australian economy by tourism or take benefit from the taxes paid by the tourism industry.

    Comment by admin on January 15, 2009 at 6:15 pm

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