Premier's plans "fatally flawed"

turtleSAVE THE KIMBERLEY predicts huge national and international opposition to the “indecent haste” of the WA Premier, Colin Barnett’s development plans for Australia’s Kimberley. Describing the Premier’s determination to bring Browse Basin gas onshore as “fatally flawed on many fronts”, chairperson of Save the Kimberley, Peter Tucker, described today’s progress report on his discussions with the Kimberley Land Council as “early days in what should be a vigorous and international debate about the Kimberley’s future.

Growing international concern

HE DESCRIBED the Save the Kimberley website as being inundated with concerned people from all over the world. “Given we know more about the moon than the Kimberley, it is premature to be announcing deals with anyone. “There are credible, affordable and preferable alternatives to Mr Barnett’s current plans to pipe the gas onshore to the Kimberley. The gas can be piped further south, and still bring dollars north to the Kimberley. “This development will still go ahead, but it should go ahead in different areas. “The jobs will still be available, the royalties will still flow into government coffers. “A deal can still be struck with aborigines and most importantly, the Kimberley coast will still retain its extraordinary values.”

Smarter alternatives ignored

The Federal Government’s joint environmental assessment review is due to report in 12 months time. “The WA Premier’s own Minister of Environment released a report last week which details dozens of incomplete and unknown environmental issues. “Hardly any work has ever been done on the Kimberley’s whales, dugongs, sea grasses and corals and are now continually astounded by what they are seeing and learning. “It makes no sense to risk destroying this area when we already have an industrial precinct in the Pilbara. “Piping gas to existing infrastructure in the Pilbara is comparable, possibly lower, in cost to the establishment of a brand new site and building infrastructure in the Kimberley. “Given the Kimberley is one of the last great wildernesses and home to one of the oldest cultures, we are urging industry and government to be rigorous before they take an irreversible decision to put such a polluting industry in the Kimberley.”

Save the Kimberley is a public awareness campaign by volunteers who have lived, worked and/or travelled extensively in the Kimberley including nurses, teachers, lawyers, tourism operators, filmmakers, photographers, doctors and business executives.

  1. Just heard Colin Barnett on the radio claiming the plant would not mean industrialisation of the Kimberley – what a joke!

    Keep strong people!

    Comment by Ian & Julie Lock on April 2, 2009 at 12:54 pm

  2. @Ian & JUlie

    Except for the 30 square kilometers which he called a “pin prick”. Sadly many ships from Asia will be visiting that pin prick and pumping bilge onto a coast where there are sensitive reefs, sea grass meadows, mangrove forests and, of course, Roebuck Bay one of this planet’s jewels.

    Comment by Ricki - admin on April 2, 2009 at 1:09 pm

  3. One of the least known facts and greatest reasons to save the Kimber;ey’s is the presence of the Bradshaw rock art. THis artwork is found NO WHER ELSE IN AUSTRALIA and is still a debated issue as to its source. The Bradshaw artwork shows artwork which predates most indigenous rock art and is of a completely different style , a style only found in some places in Africa, and in Egypt. The central figures are larger than the other figures denoting people of importance and the manner in which these paintings are painted is completely different. This either implies that the Egyptians visited the Kimberley region a fact that oral tradition will support along with recent discoveries of scarabs in the region , and or that the African nations were recent visitors [in our terms] Once again this is supportable theory through oral tradition as African “Songlines “in fact continue to Australia and the entry points are indeed this region . Bury History and we bury revelation . Knowledge pre empts theory and sets people free from all sorts of imaginings . To destroy the evidence is criminal
    Sharon Livermore
    CEO KEMPSEY Koori Artists Aboriginal Corporation
    Convener Goori Grapevine

    Comment by Sharon Livermore on November 5, 2009 at 5:14 pm

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