Artists Praise Prices Point Area – August Exhibition

Local artists, Rod Hartvigsen and Kerry Marvell, announce an exhibition of works highlighting the beauty of Walmadan. Read below about this striking body of work, available for viewing to the general public from August 9th to August 15th 2010 at Pinctada, Cable Beach, during regular business hours. kerry silk photo The Wonders of Walmadan – A Truly Remarkable Coastline An exhibition of Art Works by husband and wife, Rod Hartivigsen and Kerry Marvell. Walmadan is the Goolarabooloo name for the James Price Point area of the Dampier Peninsula. Walmadan was also a powerful man at the beginning of the 20th century who was head of his tribal group and a fierce protector of his people and their country. Today this country can be walked following the traditional song cycle where ancient middens and camp sites are found. After walking through country with the Goolarabooloo people, one becomes passionate about this remarkable coastline. The photographic works and paintings in this exhibition have been created in gratitude for the opportunity to spend time in such a special place. Rod Hartvigsen has lived in Broome since 1999. Self taught as a professional Photographer, he specialises in landscape photography, but also delves into abstract natural art photographs, wildlife and what he calls ‘people’ photography. Growing up in a variety of remote Australian locations such as Elliott, Northern Territory and Port Lincoln, South Australia, Rod has developed a deep love for the bush and wild places. The coast north of Broome has become a favourite camping and snorkeling spot since his arrival to the northwest. Rod has built up a collection of photographs which capture the ever changing colours and splendour of the area. The textures in the sand, rocks and cliffs have captured his imagination as well as the expansive panoramic views. Kerry Marvell has lived in Broome since 1986. Growing up in a creative family in Adelaide, Kerry began her art practice as a small child, her mother Barbara, a commercial artist, worked for many years from her studio at home. Kerry learnt most of her technique there. Silk painting is her preferred medium although she has painted oils, acrylics and watercolours on canvas, paper and glass. The 6 images Kerry created for this exhibition focus on the dramatic landscape and animals of Walmadan. The reef, which has every square inch covered in a seemingly endless variety of species, the rock formations, pindan cliffs, turquoise waters, sea birds and plants. All of which can be observed by quietly spending time in country. Rod and Kerry were married at Walmadan in October 2009. This is their first exhibition together.

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