Community kayak protest at James Price Point

Kayakers approached the Woodside exploratory drill rig at James Price Point and made a symbolic attempt to tow the rig away to send a clear message to joint venture partners Shell, Chevron, BP and BHP and the State Government “Save the Kimberley – No Gas on the Kimberley Coast”

In the wake of the WA Premier’s move to compulsory acquisition of land at the site the action was supported by Traditional Owners, including law boss Joe Roe, opposed to the ‘land grab’ and gas development in the Kimberley. Read more about the compulsory acquisition announcement and what people are saying about it – Compulsory Acquisition announced: WA Premier Colin Barnett accused of bullying Aborigines over land.

Protesters symbolically attempt to tow the unwanted drill rig away. The rig is operating despite the fact that there is no Indigenous or environmental approval for the proposed LNG processing facility at James Price Point

Media Coverage:

Protester flotilla paddles to Woodside drill rig – ABC Online

Protesters have paddled to a Woodside drill rig stationed off James Price Point in the latest action to protest the building of a gas hub at the site north of Broome.
A flotilla of kayaks and two motor boats carried the protesters several kilometres off shore yesterday, where they attempted to drape the rig with banners.
Native title claimants Joseph Roe and Neil Mackenzie took part in the protest.
Mr Mackenzie praised the willingness of non-Indigenous Broome residents to join in their fight against the development.
“It was an overwhelming experience where a lot of concerned people who were non-Indigenous were out there voicing their concerns, being very gracious,” he said.
“It was a joyous experience to see non-Indigenous people coming out there and giving it a go and voicing their concerns.”

Protesters paddle to stop gas project – Sydney Morning Herald – “Environmentalists have long opposed the proposed liquified natural gas plant on the Kimberly coast, 60km north of Broome, but they say the latest development compounds the issue.”

See footage of the action on YouTube

This is the community member’s press release:


Protesters have today battled stiff headwinds to paddle several kilometres in a kayak flotilla to Woodside’s rig currently working offshore at James Price Point.

Broome locals are staging this community action to protest the Premier’s decision to compulsorily acquire the land for Woodside and their joint venture partner’s proposed refinery .

“Our flotilla sends a clear message to the Premier that we don’t want this spectacular stretch of the Kimberley coastline to be industrialised.”  local carpenter Nigel Clarke said.

“The federal government also has a role here: If Prime Minister Gillard is serious about community consensus, her government must make it clear that compulsory acquisition is unacceptable,” Broome resident Robyn Wells said from James Price Point.

Woodside has been conducting surveys in the area over the past 6 weeks as part of their plan to build an oil and gas refinery at James Price Point for their Browse Basin oil and gas fields.

The kayak flotilla sends a clear message to the Premier:  “Save the Kimberley – no gas on the Kimberley coast”.

Neil McKenzie (Jabirr Jabbir Traditional Owner) and Joseph Roe (Goolarabooloo Traditional Owner) joined the community action.

“It’s great to see the community standing together here today. This is just the beginning,” Neil said today.

“Imagine how a huge refinery, pipelines, gas flares, shipping traffic and thousands of workers flying in and out will transform this place.  We won’t let that happen,” Robyn Wells continued.

“The Premier’s decision to compulsorily acquire the land only further complicates this issue, which makes these survey works completely premature,” Robyn continued.

“We’ll keep working to make our voices heard: the Kimberley is one of the world’s last great unspoiled marine and coastal environments,”  Nigel concluded.


Media cover the community event

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