ABC Stateline reports: Pilgrimage to JPP and Geoffrey Cousins joins the fight

A group of photographers from around WA recently spent several days at James Price Point photographing what Premier Barnett has previously referred to as an “unremarkable” piece of coastline.  The photographers are hoping to raise awareness about the importance of the area, in light of the gas hub proposed at the site. 

A photo of James Price Point taken recently by photographer Christian Fletcher

Dunsborough based collaborating  photographer Christian Fletcher states,  “ I just don’t see why we should destroy the Kimberley. It’s so unique… it should be left alone.”

Fletcher and other  participating Western Australian photographers hope to put together a display of their photography in Perth, in a place where a wide audience could appreciate the work and the beauty of James Price Point.

ABC’s Stateline followed the photographers for a piece last Friday October 8th. They also interviewed Howard adviser and ad guru turned activist Geoffrey Cousins, who has recently come on board in the fight to protect the Kimberley.  Cousins is widely known in the environmental activism world for his pivotal role in Tasmania’s fight against Gunn’s paper mill.

If the government refuses to be swayed to reassess the location of the gas hub to a more appropriate site, Cousins has a plan in place. “If that political process however fails, then we will use precisely the same tactics that we used with Gunns in Tasmania, that is to go to the financiers, the customers and the shareholders  of all of those big corporations  who will have their reputations at risk in a project of this kind.”

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For more  on the photographers’ pilgrimage to JPP and more stunning images taken by Christian Fletcher, go to:

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