Big Day Out Guitar Auction (now closed, thank you)

Save The Kimberley Big Day Out Guitar Auction page

NOTE – Auction now closed Save The Kimberley is  auctioning a quality guitar, hand painted and signed by 2011 Big Day Out Artists like John Butler, Blue King Brown, Lupe Fiasco, Angus and Julia Stone and plenty more. Read more about Save The Kimberley at the Big Day Out.

John Butler with the guitar being auctioned for Save The Kimberley. Photo copyright © Julie Lowe 2011

Our thanks to Big Day Out organisers, John Butler Trio and Maton! Biggest Thanks to Julie and Reba and the Circle of One team.

The Auction

The online auction will be held via this page on the Save The Kimberley website.  100% proceeds to not-for-profit Save The Kimberley. A great way to support a great cause.
  • Bids and inquiries by email to
  • Auction end date: 5pm EST 6 March 2011
  • Note that postage/delivery will be at the successful bidders expense, and we will do everything we can to ensure the safest and most economical delivery possible.
  • Bids in Australian dollars please

Current highest bid:

The auction is now closed, congratulations to our successful bidder at A$4000, we will be in touch soon to arrange payment and delivery. Thank you to all bidders. A$4000 A$3900 A$3800 A$ 3000 A$ 2800 A$1800 A$ 1700

    About the Guitar

    The Maton M325 model (RRP $1578) is handpainted and was signed by Big Day Out 2011 artists. Artistic hand painting features Save The Kimberley Logo and Big Day Out 2011 theme art. Musicians/groups that signed the guitar include:
    John Butler Trio Blue king Brown Gyroscope Little Red Angus and Julia Stone The Vines The Naked and Famous Birds of Tokyo Lupe Fiasco Paul Dempsey LCD soundsystem
    The 325 Series features the strength and clarity of Queensland Walnut back and sides. It’s solid construction and superb performance make it the natural choice for the working musician. Soundboard: A Grade Solid Sitka Spruce Rosette Mosaic Inner Binding: Black/White Outer Binding, Ivory Back Queensland Walnut Sides, Queensland Walnut Neck Queensland Maple Headstock, Queensland Maple Fingerboard Rosewood/Dot Inlays Bridge, Rosewood Finish Satin, Pick Guard: Black, Machine Heads: Grover

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    3. Great idea, but a raffle would probably garner more revenue for this guitar. Everybody could participate by buying a ticket or two and the total amount would most likely exceed an auction.

      Comment by Terry on February 12, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    4. After watching and reading all about whats at stake in the Kimberley, does it not make sense to save what parts of Australia are still natural and untouched?? Not everything has to be man made, plastic or even ‘Brand New’. If we keep destroying our earth and with populations ever growing, soon we wont even be able to breath properly, we already cant in some other countries! Our Australia is renound for its natural beauty. I think people should take a look around them, see whats left of this world we live in and appreciate the small things. what are we doing to its history. People need to stop and smell the roses. Everyones too busy trying to ‘change’ the world rather than appreciating what we were given in the first place. Dont get me wrong i do love tv and my nice soft couch but i really think there are a lot of people out there where Enough is just Not Enough, people seem to need more and more and bigger and better and faster and faster, i often look at the developement around us and think wen will it be enough?? And the thing is that all these people behind the senes are just making everyone else more needy and dependant on materialistic bullshit, things to make us lazy and not make our own fun or have our own ideas, they make Money ‘appear’ to makes u feel better rather than realistic things and real friends….while someone else gets super rich….so they can build yet another factory that’s only going to destroy our earth/environment just a bit more while they pay dodgy wages and import bad quality product, make some more plastic for packaging, chop a forest down for a bunch of crappy flyers that most people chuck in the bin, leaving us breathing less fresh air due to lack of trees and beautiful natural environment, which mind you we were given freely and at Mother Natures cost.
      People need to be humble with what they have and REALLY aprreciate the REAL things, our families, a blue sky that we all wake up to most mornings, the sound of creek beds and just how green everything looks after the rain there is so much to see if we all just open our eyes and take a deep breath in.
      How could anyone want to take it all away?

      Comment by Alana on March 4, 2011 at 11:39 am

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