Kimberley James Price Point protest blockade Day 9

Day 9

Moon rising over meeting at protest camp, tonight there will be a total lunar eclipse

Morning Before dawn contractors working for the Browse joint venture (Woodside, Shell, Chevron, BHP, BP) arrived in convoy to attempt to clear bush and pump water from the aquifers near James Price Point as part of the proposed Gas processing complex. They were greeted by even more early-birds than yesterday with 40-50 community members there to stop them. As dawn was breaking the convoy turned around one more time and headed back to town to the cheers of the peaceful and non-violent crowd (see video below). Inspiring stuff!!!   As day 9 of our protest to protect Country unfolds many are reflecting on the incredible achievement of holding up some of the biggest oil and gas multinationals in the world for so long. This is a special achievement made possible by the community working together, balancing family time and work with time at the blockade. Indigenous and non-Indigenous, old and young all working together, all respecting each other, all with a common cause – protecting our environmental and cultural heritage. This is an important moment in history and we are disappointed that, while this issue has been reported nationally, this action is not receiving the coverage it deserves. So folks if you want to help us get on to the media outlets in your area and tell them you want to see them cover this story.   Afternoon Another group of woodside workers were turned back at 3.30pm today at the road blockade. A community meeting was held on-site to discuss issues and plan. There was a clear reaffirmation of the determination to protect the Kimberley and James Price Point. We expect lots of campers tonite with the lunar eclipse and free astrotour from a local professional guide provided. Photos: Video:

  1. Keep up the good work!!! I am with you all the way! Australia doesn’t know what’s going on but we can do this, we can get the word out and protect the Kimberleys!

    Comment by Rosemary on June 15, 2011 at 6:37 am

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