Protest camp and blockade for James Price Point – update day 14

Day 14

Woodside contractor vehicle is halted

As the sun rose on day 14 the scene at camp was upbeat. The camp is super tidy, well organised and with proper sanitary facilities. 30 odd cars and at least twice as many people supported the blockade and camp over the course of the morning, with many delivering supplies and goodwill before heading off to work.   When Woodside drill workers arrived in a single car they were denied access, while protestors gathered in a human barrier across the road 2 Indigenous ladies were standing in directly in front of the drill crew car. They placed laminated print outs of articles 25 and 26 of the UN convention on Indigenous rights on the car window so the crew had something to read while they waited.   A busload of Woodside contractors parked well up the road and did not approach the blockade.   The protesters were only prepared to negotiate letting vehicles through in order to remove clearing equipment from Country. The car that was stopped was sent back with that message. An hour or so later both the bus and the rented 4wd vehicle headed back to town.   Day 14, still no clearing has occurred near James Price Point! Great work from the community. Photos:

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  2. Wonderful to hear that no clearing has been done at James Price Point. Thank you so much!

    Comment by Susan Chalcroft on June 20, 2011 at 4:48 am

  3. Awesome, Awesome!!!… wish i could be there as well, will send money instead – Keep Up The Good WORK!

    Comment by Cassy Stevens on June 20, 2011 at 4:57 am

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