James Price Point, Manari road protest update days 15 and 16

Day 15 Well, it is over 2 weeks now and a committed and growing group of people, supported by their community have held Woodside, Shell, Chevron, BHP and the Barnett lead state government overlords at bay. What a remarkable achievement. Australia and the world is taking notice.   Yet again today a woodside contractor bus with 9 workers plus 6 security in 3 vehicles were held back at the blockade by committed protestors.   The department of indigenous affairs again inspected damage to country done by woodside contractors. There are serious questions about the actions of woodside sub-contractors and damage cultural sites and artifacts and to dune ecosystems. It seems that these contractors have breached the conditions of their permits, failed to get other needed approvals before working and more importantly damaged Country without consulting the senior Law Boss and Traditional Custodian for the area. Read more in the open letter from Joe Roe.  

The blockade's chemical toilet is provided and maintained by caring community volenteers.

There are many having a quiet laugh about allegations that were presented to the media some days after official complaints and first inspections of the damage, it would be funny if it were not so serious. Gas hub protesters accused of damaging sacred sites – ABC – read the letter from Joe Roe above, note the date it was published and also that days before that an official complaint was lodged with the department of indigenous affairs, read this article and the date, decide for yourself. Interesting background on the man, his motivations, and why Joe Roe is suddenly not the native title named applicant after 15 years Wayne Bergmann on his role in Kimberley gas at James Price Point – ABC   In other news a TV crew from the show ‘the force’ turned up at the blockade, fueling rumors of an ‘imported’ police ‘bust’ of the camp.  

The blockade kitchen and camp are neat, tidy and overseen by Traditional Custodians including the senior cultural law boss for the area.

When faced with moral wrongdoing civil disobedience is not a luxury or a right, it is a responsibility.  That said the only activity at the protest blockade that even looks like going outside the law is stopping Woodside contractors who intend to clear or drill, or refuse to identify themselves or their intentions. Hundreds of tourists and locals heading out to camp, fish, bushwalk or visit the pearl farm are cheerfully waved through with a smile, or stop to sign petitions and have a chat.   Day 16   Another stand off and negotiation today as woodside contractors are stopped at the blockade. The contractors first retreated up the road, police eventually arrived and asked the protestors if the protest was going to continue today, day 16. They already knew the answer – “Yes”. Police and Woodside contractors turned around and headed back to town soon after.   The Department of Indigenous Affairs (DIA) headed past the blockade yet again today to investigate the complaint (and counter complaint) regarding damage to Indigenous heritage areas.   We are told that the DIA have verbally admitted that the woodside contractors do not have a permit for works they have undertaken under section 18 of the Act. Joe Roe has requested an immediate stop work order. Also Joe is convinced they breached the conditions of their section 16 permit by not consulting Joe regarding works, a special condition which was clearly a part of their permit.   Big thanks to all of you providing the constant outpouring of support for protesters on the blockade and the community supporting them via facebook and other means, your kind words are greatly appreciated. Speech in Australian Federal Parliament: Protecting the Kimberley,  Spokesperson Scott Ludlam Wednesday 22nd June 2011, 3:55pm – video (audio issues identified by some users) Photos:   Video: This song about what is going on currently was posted on our Facebook page by a supporter

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  2. FROM LITTLE THINGS BIG THINGS GROW…..All over Austrlia that song is the cry of change.. Thankyou to Paul Kelly and contributing artists of Australia., we have asked permission to use that song for our standoff at Minari Road in the Kimberley to stop Woodside developing a 24 hectare gas plant/hub site on Pristine Coastline.. the bottom line is the documentation of discharge of toxins into a pristine marine environment..hundreds of protesters man the blockage of this road each day.. we are recorded on woodside cameras, the force tv people have harrased us, woodside has been found illegal.. can we use the phrase?? Indigenous leader Joseph Roe is the force behind our blockade..

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