Protest and blockade, James Price Point day 18

Day 18 Yet another victory in turning back the Woodside contractors. But this we have done every day for 18 days now… so what is new?   Our new ‘catalyst for change’ prize giveaway – make a difference, save the Kimberley, and be in the running for Save The Kimberley exclusive

Clearing workers stopped again

great t-shirts, bandanas and stickers. 1 Prize pack given away each week. See ‘catalyst for change’ for details.   Dinosaur trackways of James Price Point on the 6:30 with George Negus show tonight!!   Broome special – James Price Point Protest. This is a music show features the footage from Luke and Sharnah of the protest, Broome musician Will Thomas and John Butler TVS – Digital channel 44, analogue channel 31. FREE TO AIR. (Sydney) Broadcast times (Sydney) 9pm Friday, repeated at 1:30am Sunday morning and 2pm Sunday afternoon. EST. The show is available for streaming *Please note time change, WA, 2 hours earlier. That is, 7pm Friday, 11:30 pm Saturday and 12 noon Sunday. ‘Songwriters across Australia’  please click the ‘Watch Now’ icon top right of the screen. You will need ‘QuickTime installed on your computer and may exceed your down load limits, so be aware.   If you would like to comment on the show, or show your support send a brief email to, and follow the link    

  1. Never give up! we are right there with you in spirit! and spreading the word! July 9th Kerriane Cox speaking at the Redfern Centre in Sydney. We will never let them harm this area…Never.

    Comment by Rc on June 24, 2011 at 11:19 am

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