Protest to save the Kimberley, manari rd, James Price Point, Kimberley, West Australia update days 22, 23 and 24

Day 22 Another successful morning on the blockade with the script playing out much as it has on other days. Woodside contractor bus and other vehicles turned back, no clearing allowed. The police ‘reality’ show the force turned up again, protesters have told them they do not want to be filmed as we are told the show has a history of negative portrayal of peaceful protest. Day 23 Another day, another win. Vehicles turned back again. 🙂 Lots of movement of Woodside on trace line today, up to 6 cars and two people leaving one vehicle and went walking. There are serious concerns that appropriate heritage clearances are not in place for this work. The protesters are monitoring activity to ensure than no clearing or drilling worker get in. nb. The ‘trace line’ is a track cut through by main roads from the main highway to the proposed gas refinery site, this is a precursor to a bitumen ‘road to nowhere’ – a road to a gas hub site that should never exist and is yet to receive a raft of required approvals. Not an appropriate use of taxpayer money we think. Day 24 Today again Woodside contractors were turned back and the police visited briefly, monitoring of activities along the traceline continued. Media: “It’s the third week of an environmental protest North of Broome. Some protestors come and go each day, but most camp overnight. Our Kimberley reporter Emma Anderson’s gone behind the scenes to find out the logistics that go behind staging such a long lasting rally. ” A message from John Butler Trio: Lots of love from Luxembourg ya big legends!!! Love to the Front line too XxJB – Thanks to you John from Save The Kimberley your visit to the protest blockade was well timed and much appreciated. Wondering what you can do to help from afar? Photos: Video: This video of banners was made yesterday, day 21, thanks to Hands Off Country    

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