Kimberley gas protest camp and blockade manari rd, James Price Point day 25

Day 25 In Perth today Colin Barnett, Woodside and the Kimberley Land Council were re-announcing a deal struck around the threat of compulsory acquisition of James Price Point. Meanwhile at the blockade a foggy morning lifted to clear statements of opposition to the Gas hub proposal and strong arguments from Traditional Custodians who challenge the validity of this agreement both morally and legally. This attempt to present a done deal will not daunt the blockade or the Indigenous custodians who have said and continue to say No, even in the face of compulsory acquisition threats.   The agreements are invalid because they are based on an invalid notice of compulsory acquisition of land, this notice is subject to legal challenge. Morally and factually consider the presentation of this proposition to a selected portion of a community. Give up your land to polluting industry and we will give you money, education and healthcare, or… we will take it anyway and you will get nothing. It is amazing that 40% of those who voted said no.   It is thought that only around 30% of those designated as able to vote did so.  Many who wanted to vote and had very real family connection to country were not allowed to vote and were excluded. Others felt pressures, were not assisted to travel or simply believed that by not attending the meeting that would be counted as their ‘vote’ against giving up their land. Photos: Video: Family man Albert Wiggan explains why he is at the blockade on the morning that a deal between Premier Barnett, Woodside and partners (Shell, Chevron, BP and BHP) is being re-announced and signed in Perth. Albert, from the Country just to the North of the proposed development, outlines his concerns about the illegitimate activities that have taken place on sacred ground.   Media: Gas protesters defiant as deal signed – The West Australian Browse Basin gas deal ‘pivotal’ in indigenous history, says Colin Barnett Woodside Petroleum signs native title agreement, gets go ahead for $30bn LNG project Hows the cheek? Premier Colin Barnett “In my view, it’s the most significant act of self-determination by Aboriginal people in Australian history,” he said. This was a deal done that does not represent all the Traditional Owners and was pushed through under the threat of compulsory acquisition – described by Indigenous leaders as setting the reconciliation process back by years.  Mr Barnett is desperate to push this through and is not telling the full truth about a flawed process.

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