Community protest blockade and camp to save the Kimberley, James Price Point – day 26

Day 26 Today protesters, including senior local Indigenous women, were issued with fines by police – see video below. They stood strong and there was again no clearing or drilling at James Price Point. The blockade is staunch and history is being made…   The day started overcast and slow. Events seemed to be unfolding according to the script established over the past weeks – Woodside contractors arrive in convoy and park up the road, send an advance party of one car, are turned back, call the cops who then come out to confirm that the blockade will not let drillers and clearers through, workers go back to town.

This gentle and well loved local woman and shire council elected representative was issued with a fine by police today for stopping clearing and drilling at James Price Point

  This time however they did not go back to town, police joined the convoy in a return to the blockade late morning and started issuing traffic infringement notices to protesters standing in front of the convoy. At least 7 people (mostly Indigenous ladies) were issued fines, but held strong. They were prepared to risk arrest to stand for what they believed in – protecting Country and Culture. At time of writing the convoy had again been turned around and back to town and police had left the scene.   This marks a change of tactics from the police and tomorrow or Monday are likely to be crucial times at the blockade, all support needed (not ruling out Sunday, but less likely).   The blockade holds strong and your support is needed. If you are interested in traveling to the Kimberley to help out look at Want to help Save The Kimberley? or look at what can I do to help,  how to write a letter and our catalyst for change pages on this site. Media: Fines dished out in Broome protest crackdown Photos: days 25 and 26 Video:

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