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A new chapter begins in Sydney

A new chapter in the growing struggle to keep the imposition of heavy industry across the Kimberley commenced on the weekend with the forming of the Sydney Chapter of Save The Kimberley. This begins the spanning of the continent and the start of the awareness group’s push into the large population centres on the east […]

A Call to Arms

Musician and activist Wil Thomas gives a testimony to the power of the recent Concert for Heritage in Broome. Click on (more…) button below to read his article in its entirety.

Walmadany concert for heritage says it in song

On Friday night 5,200 people gathered at Male Oval, Broome to hear from some of Australia’s most highly regarded musicians and the cream of local talent join together to say no to industrial development in the Kimberley.

Save The Kimberley meeting in Sydney "Electric"

The first Save The Kimberley public meeting on the east coast of Australia was attended by around 100 people who filled the room and spilled out into adjoining corridors. People from across the Northern Beaches who have visited or lived in the Kimberley and some who had travelled from as far as Wollongong, 150 kms […]

Save The Kimberley public meeting Avalon, Sydney March 15

Please click on the title and send the link to this page to everyone you know in the Sydney area. The push to awaken the East Coast to the threat imposed by heavy industrial development in the Kimberley starts on March 15.

Many pollies seek a little "Broome time"

If you’re wondering what’s going on with all these politicians whizzing in and out of Broome, then you are not alone. Colin Barnett, Brendon Grylls and now Martin Ferguson. Their mission: To sell to Broome a Pilbara class industrial precinct. Their combined knowledge of the Kimberley matches their combined stay time in Broome, which amounts […]


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