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Kimberley James Price Point protest blockade Day 8

Day 8 14th June 2011 The Woodside contractors attempted to break the blockade in the early hours of this morning. Again lead by strong Indigenous women, and ‘N’ in particular (who sat in front of the vehicles) the workers and machinery were turned back. One ‘move on’ notice was issued by Police but it was […]

Blockade at James Price Point day 6 and 7

Day 6 A day of rest. A vigil over the Bulldozer is successful and no clearing is undertaken. Day 7 A strong showing of traditional custodians and community are continuing the blockade on the Manari road to James Price Point. No heavy machinery or clearing workers are being allowed past. Protestors and Woodside hired security […]

Kimberely James Price Point protests – stopping the bulldozer, stopping the clearing – day 4 and 5 update

Day 4 and 5 Update Day 4, 10th June 2011 – After a night spent keeping a close eye on the bulldozer and other equipment protesters continued holding up the Bulldozer. No clearing has taken place and spirits are resolute. At one stage protesters were literally covering the bulldozer with their bodies. A solidarity action […]

Protest camp at James Price Point – update day3

The protest camp at Waldaman near James Price Point is in positive and strong spirit. After holding up the bulldozer’s progress along the road for another five hours this morning thoughts are turning to the next efforts to protect Country and stop the pre-emptive land clearing. All the folks at the camp would like to […]

Protests continue at James Price Point

Update: all the latest and more photos on our Facebook page Protesters met Woodside contractors on the road to James Price Point north of Broome. A small group who got wind of the movement of bulldozers and other equipment formed a human chain across the road and delayed progress, and a protester chained himself to […]

Local Action, Global significance – what is happening in the Kimberley?

Local Heroes A dedicated group of local community members are standing up for what is right and preventing multi-national companies from undertaking drilling and establishing a ‘beach head’ on the culturally significant, scenic and environmentally sensitive Kimberly coast. This group of normal community members are doing extraordinary things. These everyday heroes are working in moral […]

Broome No Gas march and rally = biggest in Australia?

On Sunday 17th October 2010 over 2000 Broome locals marched from the Male oval to Town Beach to say “No Gas on the Kimberley Coast”. Considering the population of Broome we think this might be the biggest march and rally ever held in Australia (per capita)?  – If the same percentage of the population marched […]

Greens leader Bob Brown has thrown his full support behind Save The Kimberley trying to halt the compulsory acquisition of land at James Price Point for a $30 billion gas precinct.

News: Greens campaign against gas land grab, Flip Prior, The West Australian September 16, 2010, 12:10 pm Excerpt: Greens leader Bob Brown has thrown his full support behind campaigners trying to halt the compulsory acquisition of land at James Price Point for a $30 billion gas precinct. Senator Brown called on Premier Colin Barnett to […]

Community kayak protest at James Price Point

Kayakers approached the Woodside exploratory drill rig at James Price Point and made a symbolic attempt to tow the rig away to send a clear message to joint venture partners Shell, Chevron, BP and BHP and the State Government “Save the Kimberley – No Gas on the Kimberley Coast” In the wake of the WA […]

Save The Kimberley – On Tour With the John Butler Trio

Save The Kimberley is proud to be joining the John Butler Trio (JBT) for their Australian Tour beginning in Perth on the 29th August and culminating in the Kimberley (Broome) 27th September 2010.