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James Price Point, Manari road protest update days 15 and 16

Day 15 Well, it is over 2 weeks now and a committed and growing group of people, supported by their community have held Woodside, Shell, Chevron, BHP and the Barnett lead state government overlords at bay. What a remarkable achievement. Australia and the world is taking notice.   Yet again today a woodside contractor bus […]

Protest camp at James Price Point – update day3

The protest camp at Waldaman near James Price Point is in positive and strong spirit. After holding up the bulldozer’s progress along the road for another five hours this morning thoughts are turning to the next efforts to protect Country and stop the pre-emptive land clearing. All the folks at the camp would like to […]

Broome Un-welcome ‘party’ for Woodside as joint venture partners meet in Perth

NO GAS COMMUNITY GROUP MEDIA RELEASE Thursday, 20 January 2011 Broome community offers a Grand NOT welcome to Woodside as JV partners fly in for meeting in Perth Senior figures from Woodside’s Joint Venture (JV) partners in the development of the LNG resource of the Browse Basin have flown in from around the world to […]

Community kayak protest at James Price Point

Kayakers approached the Woodside exploratory drill rig at James Price Point and made a symbolic attempt to tow the rig away to send a clear message to joint venture partners Shell, Chevron, BP and BHP and the State Government “Save the Kimberley – No Gas on the Kimberley Coast” In the wake of the WA […]

T.O. Calls for Premier to Respect Country and Culture

The following press release was provided by Traditional Owner and STK co-chair Neil McKenzie following ABC’s Four Corners program last week: FOUR CORNERS tonight focussed on how aborigines have responded to deals and Government pressure in the Kimberley to exploit resources offshore. Save the Kimberley co-chairperson and traditional owner of Yawuru-Jabirr Jabirr country, Neilo McKenzie, […]


ABC TV’s Four Corners returns to the Kimberley gas issue as the focus of their episode airing this Monday.  Please see the show’s brief below. Rush to Riches Reporter Debbie Whitmont goes to the north-west coast of Western Australia to talk to the people at the centre of a bitter dispute over the location of […]

Do you Fish ? Well remember you also vote

Broome waters are internationally recognised as a Fishing Mecca for recreational fishing  . It is a sustainable industry that has some of the worlds best light tackle sports fishing. This has been Bringing tourists to the region for the past twenty years.  The proposed gas hub at James Price Point threatens the prised Sailfish and Marlin grounds which are just […]

Shell backs environmentalists against Kimberley onshore gas plant

THE SHELL OIL COMPANY has heavily backed environmentalists criticism of its Browse Basin partner, Woodside’s plants to build an LNG Facility onshore on the Kimberley Coast’s James Price Point, just north of Broome. Save The Kimberley spokesman, Kevin Blatchford, said the just released Shell draft environmental impact statement on its proposed Prelude Floating LNG Plant […]

Minister's report vindicates STK position

The following report, released today, vindicates the position of Save The Kimberley, underlining the long term benefits to the nation – including jobs and revenue – when we conserve regions of outstanding national and global significance. Save The Kimberley calls for World Heritage status for the Kimberley, not turning large areas of this magnificent region […]

Law Boss says "No Deal"

If you listen to WA Premier Barnett and those sections of the media which are cheering his proposals on, you might think that the recent signing on James Price Point had any real substance or was the end of the matter. “Not so” says Joseph Roe: Traditional Owner and Custodian for the protection of the […]