How you can help to save the Kimberley

Sunrise at Cheese Tin Creek. 
Sunrise at Cheese Tin Creek. © 2006 Ricki Coughlan. Press image for enlargement.
We’re constantly on the lookout for people who can assist with technical and professional skills. Volunteer your services here. Even if you don’t have technical or specialist skills which could contribute to our efforts, you can become an ambassador for the cause by using some spare time to spread the word of the threats to the Kimberley.

Become an “awareness raiser”

Write to the editors and producers of the big daily papers and the morning TV shows expressing your concerns. If you are a an artist you can use your talent to record, compose, create awareness for the Kimberley. If you are a teacher you can inform your students. Organise a Save The Kimberley BBQ to raise funds or awareness. We will help where we can with information audio/video etc.. If we hold a rally in your area please attend with your family and friends and bring your Banners and signs. Most of all spread the word that our last great wilderness is under threat! Some help with letter writing here. Your opportunity to support us with a donation here.