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What Compulsory Acquisition Really Means

An open letter explains that despite Premier Barnett’s latest rhetoric, his compulsory acquisition leaves very little chance for development at James Price Point.

Earth Choice Launches Bold TV Ad for the Kimberley

Save The Kimberley teams up with Nature’s Organics to spread our message: the Kimberley is too precious to plunder – there are alternatives to on-shore gas processing in the unique Kimberley.


On its June 4th program, prestigious American ABC TV program, Nightline questions potential industrial development in the Kimberley. In a six-minute Kimberley focused segment called, “The Most Beautiful Place on Earth,” journalist Dan Harris likens the Kimberley to “the Amazon you’ve never heard of“. To watch the piece, go to the link below: http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/video/beautiful-place-earth-10833119?&clipId=10833119&playlistId=10833119&cid=siteplayer

Premier's plans "fatally flawed"

SAVE THE KIMBERLEY predicts huge national and international opposition to the “indecent haste” of the WA Premier, Colin Barnett’s development plans for Australia’s Kimberley. Describing the Premier’s determination to bring Browse Basin gas onshore as “fatally flawed on many fronts”, chairperson of Save the Kimberley, Peter Tucker, described today’s progress report on his discussions with […]