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ABC Stateline reports: Pilgrimage to JPP and Geoffrey Cousins joins the fight

A group of photographers from around WA recently spent several days at James Price Point photographing what Premier Barnett has previously referred to as an “unremarkable” piece of coastline.  The photographers are hoping to raise awareness about the importance of the area, in light of the gas hub proposed at the site.  Dunsborough based collaborating […]

A Call to Arms

Musician and activist Wil Thomas gives a testimony to the power of the recent Concert for Heritage in Broome. Click on (more…) button below to read his article in its entirety.

The power, the passion, the Good Weekend

THE PROFILE of the Save The Kimberley campaign continues to grow. Today, it’s an article in the Good Weekend, which can be found in Fairfax newspapers across the country. The Good Weekend article clearly articulates the environmental, political and indigenous angles, presenting readers with a broad overview of the issue. THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES to bringing […]

Is this a folk song for our children?

The forces of Federal Government, the WA State Government, some Local Government development cheerleaders and huge industrial concerns are pressing for the imposition of a Pilbara style industrialisation of the Kimberley on it’s people and environment. What you do about this in coming months will define you and your values.

Martin Ferguson drops in to Broome

On Saturday, February 7th, Federal Minister for Tourism and Minister for Resources and Energy, Martin Ferguson, made a brief visit to Broome. Although he arrived on short notice, Ferguson was met by an enthusiastic group of concerned citizens (approx. 40 people) who wished to discuss the implications of building an industrial precinct for LNG processing […]


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Woodside a great Australian? Or Just another resource bully.

In its contemplation of where to pipe its Browse basin gas reserves to the WA coastline Woodside has the opportunity to set the benchmark in regards to its environmental impact. As it currently stands Woodside already has a significant industrial footprint in the Pilbara. To duplicate this again in the Kimberley is pure insanity, especially […]