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Broome Families say NO.

This video gives a voice to Broome Families, please watch it.

“Mr Barnett, Woodside, Shell, Chevron, BP, BHP this is the voice of the families of Broome who do not want the proposed Gas Hub at Walmadan-James Price Point – we want you to look at the other alternatives”




Nowhere Else But Here.

On Sunday the 17th of July 2011 over a quarter of the Broome population gathered to send a messge to the Australian Government and the world. This video features footage from the beach concert and unprecedented gathering, the story of this extraordinary day and why it happened, with the music of the indomitable Pigram Brothers singing ‘nowhere else but here’




Cash For Country

This important video covers events in the first month of the onground protest and blockade camp as Woodside attempts preliminary works at James Price Point. The community was outraged at these pre-emptive works undertaken without all proper permits in place and against the wishes of the Traditional Custodians of the country who are in this video. After 30 days holding Woodside contractors out a massive contingent of police were flown in and sent against local people, the events that followed shocked, angered and galvanised the community.




John Butler – Revolution. From the protest camp and blockade to save the Kimberley

Official video for the song ‘Revolution’, featuring footage from the onground protest camps before and during John’s well timed visit to the camps. Bonus interview footage with John at the end.




James Price Point – A Truly Remarkable Coastline – Art exhibition

This is a sneak preview of the Broome exhibition of ‘The Power and the Passion’, a Photographic Exhibition first shown in Broome Western Australia in October 2011. It is a collection of works by five Broome Photographers together with three Perth Photographers and one International Photographer. It celebrates the Beauty of James Price Point near Broome and the fight to save this special place from destruction by the Oil and Gas Industry. The Exhibition will tour other Australian Capital Cities in 2012.




Kimberley Kids have their say on the proposed gas hub

Aware of the delicate balance of nature, pollution impacts, the damage to whales and other marine life, the loss of a favorite family camping area and even the heritage value of the dinosaur footprints that may be lost, they use toys to visually demonstrate what they see in a gas hub future.

These young people state clearly: “We are the kids of Broome, we should get a say in our future. We don’t want the Gas Hub.”




Kimberley: What’s the fuss?

What do we have to lose by bringing heavy industry into the Kimberley? “The Kimberley what’s the fuss?” is a brief look at some of the magnificent landscape, flora, fauna and cultural values of this vast and precious wilderness area.




Missy Higgins supports a wild and free Kimberley

Hear Missy Higgins stand up for respect for nature and a wild Kimberley: free of mining and heavy industry. “The only people supporting this have dollar signs in their eyes . . . This is a permanent kind of damage that they’ll do to the coast and there’s no going back. It’s an absolute mistake in my mind.”. Enjoy the song, take in the message and visit YouTube to rate and share the movie.




Cash V Country

Should the near pristine environment of the Kimberley be traded for short term financial gain? Should we bring heavy industry and its massive associated infrastructure into the Kimberley? What’s at stake? This video explores some of the issues and showcases the extraordinary beauty of the region.




Kimberley treasures – Senator Bob Brown

Senator Bob Brown talks about the treasures of the spectacular Kimberly region of Western Australia and the threats to this wilderness coastline.




Save the Kimberley – Malcolm Douglas

Malcolm Douglas makes an empassioned plea for the Kimberley on this television commercial.