Maverick Businessman Amps up Fight for the Kimberley

Broome business and community leaders recently gathered informally to hear from businessman Geoffery Cousins,  and Lachlan Douglas (son of the late Malcolm Douglas) with a welcome to country from Neilo McKenzie. Guests enjoyed a BBQ and drink under the stars, with conversation and free discussion following. Discussed by speakers and guests were:

Mr Cousins addresses assembled business and community members at an informal gathering in Broome

  • The fact that joint venture partners are being pushed by Woodside and the State Government toward an option they do not prefer for economic, social and environmental reasons.
  • The outstanding natural values of the Kimberley and the unwise agenda to industrialize the region for short term profit of a few at the expense of the broader community and natural environment.
  • The negative impacts the gas processing could have on the Kimberley and local business, including the tourism industry.
  • The viable alternatives to processing Browse Gas elsewhere – how realistic, logical, environmentally friendlier, and economically comparable they are to the James Price Point option.
Geoffrey Cousins Geoffrey Cousins is regarded as one of the most successful advertising entrepreneurs in Australian history who continues to deal at the highest level of business and politics. Mr Cousins says says he’s “deeply interested” in the issues facing the Kimberley and has decided to enter the debate about its future. “Like Tasmania, I know the Kimberley — not as well, but well. And, I have no business interests there. It means I have no apparent conflict of interest. ” Like many, he describes the region as “a stunning wild place in a world of diminishing wild places. I just love it.” And he tells all his friends’ about it. Some of those friends sit on the very corporation Boards & serve the very Governments’ making decisions about the Kimberley. “And, I think only sheer bloody mindedness and a few extra dollars, is preventing visionary and better discussions about the Kimberley’s future.” But Mr Cousins has a totally different perspective to offer to the Kimberley community. And he claims he is not alone in his views that industry should process Browse Basin gas well away from the Kimberley Coast. Mr Cousins has turned his attention to the proposed onshore gas hub at JPP near Broome & its implications for the wider Kimberley region. He particularly wants to ensure proper discussion about the viable alternative business & processing opportunities for Browse Basin gas reserves and has recently held high-level discussions with industry and government to this end.   Read More –  ‘Maverick Cousins shifts sights from Gunns to Woodside’, Andrew Burrell.  From: The Australian  May 07, 2011 12:00AM

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