Woodside Decision a Great Outcome


Relief and euphoria best describes the reaction from Save The Kimberley to the Woodside announcement, that it has dumped its proposed $45 billion industrial gas hub at James Price Point, and that it is now considering floating LNG technology. This is a great outcome for the extraordinary environmental and heritage values of James Price Point and the Kimberley coast, and for the community of Broome. Our efforts have been important in halting an industrial development that would have been the catalyst for multinationals to aggressively exploit the Kimberley region.


Since 2008, when the Barnett government announced James Price Point as the preferred site, STK has opposed this unsuitably sited development. We quickly realised that the government would do whatever it takes to force this project on Traditional Owners and the community of Broome, despite far more suitable alternatives available to process the gas. The long, hard-fought campaign that ensued could not have been sustained without the contribution of the many supporters of STK and other community and environmental groups. We are very grateful for your generous support and know that this invaluable network is a strength for protecting the Kimberley well into the future. An important upshot of the campaign is that the world is now more aware of the substantial natural and heritage values of James Price Point (Walmadany), including its deep cultural significance, marine wonders, bilby colonies and heritage listed and globally significant dinosaur trackways.


Although economics is touted as the deciding factor in this result, the power of impassioned people in this campaign has shown the world what can be achieved to stop inappropriate developments. This has set an empowering precedent and lesson that as citizens we should not be daunted to challenge the decisions of government and industry. In a modern business world, community license is fundamental to achieving successful corporate investment. Moreover, this campaign sends a strong message to government and industry, to listen to the concerns of community, and don’t interfere with the unique nature of the Kimberley – surely one of the most amazing places on our planet.


STK has found during this campaign that building awareness is critically important. From this, an extensive network of friends in the Kimberley, our nation and indeed the world has formed. The work of STK and its supporters however, is not finished. The threats are ongoing and the Kimberley is at its most vulnerable.  So stay with us, your continued support is invaluable, and together we will work towards ensuring the Kimberley has the protection it deserves. 


The Directors of Save The Kimberley


  1. Great job STK!

    Comment by Casey Taylor on May 8, 2013 at 3:00 pm

  2. WooHoo!! Well done!!

    Comment by Emmabe1 on May 19, 2013 at 9:23 am

  3. Wow, I am so impressed with all the amazing people who would have dedicated themselves to saving the Kimberly!! Well done, you have set the stage for us all. Peace, love, & light 🙂 xx

    Comment by Christina Carlowe on September 23, 2013 at 4:04 pm

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