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Blockade at James Price Point day 6 and 7

Day 6 A day of rest. A vigil over the Bulldozer is successful and no clearing is undertaken. Day 7 A strong showing of traditional custodians and community are continuing the blockade on the Manari road to James Price Point. No heavy machinery or clearing workers are being allowed past. Protestors and Woodside hired security […]

Protest camp at James Price Point – update day3

The protest camp at Waldaman near James Price Point is in positive and strong spirit. After holding up the bulldozer’s progress along the road for another five hours this morning thoughts are turning to the next efforts to protect Country and stop the pre-emptive land clearing. All the folks at the camp would like to […]

The dinosaur footprints of the Kimberley coast – a call to protect our heritage and stop the James Price Point gas hub.

Resources and a call from respected scientist to protect the James Price Point and Dampier peninsula dinosaur tracks.   Resource 1: A Letter by Dr Steven Salisbury, University of Queensland Resource 2: Links to articles and further reading on the subject   1: Future of dinosaur tracks in the west Kimberley, Western Australia The coastline […]


Read below to see how world renowned scientists have raised the alarm about this grave threat to the world’s fossil record from our own Kimberley. from the Syndey Morning Herald, April 2, 2011 GAS PLANT FOOTPRINT RISKS TREADING ON ANCIENT TOES Ben Cubby THE world’s longest chain of dinosaur footprints would be broken by a new gas processing plant and […]

Community kayak protest at James Price Point

Kayakers approached the Woodside exploratory drill rig at James Price Point and made a symbolic attempt to tow the rig away to send a clear message to joint venture partners Shell, Chevron, BP and BHP and the State Government “Save the Kimberley – No Gas on the Kimberley Coast” In the wake of the WA […]

New Report by Curtin Uni recommends tourism not gas development for the Kimberley

A new study by the Curtin University Sustainable Tourism Centre identifies plans for a massive polluting LNG industrial site near Broome as a serious threat to the Kimberley’s unique and globally-recognised tourism ‘brand’. The report entitled “Kimberley Whale Coast Tourism: A review of opportunities and threats” by Dr Michael Hughes and colleagues from Curtin University […]

More Unique Kimberley Species Discovered

The astonishing biodiversity of the Kimberley continues to be revealed – increasingly proving its ecological value not only for Australia but for the world.  This article was published in the June 10th edition of the Broome Advertiser. Kimberley species discovered by Ben Jones The Kimberley has proven a hotbed of undiscovered plant life after a recent […]


The community is concerned about Woodside and their JV partners upcoming work at James Price Point ahead of proper approvals. Marine scientist and environmental advocate Josh Coates tells us more below. Mr. Coates can be reached at  Be sure to click the ‘MORE’ button to see the whole article and to see whom you […]

Do you Fish ? Well remember you also vote

Broome waters are internationally recognised as a Fishing Mecca for recreational fishing  . It is a sustainable industry that has some of the worlds best light tackle sports fishing. This has been Bringing tourists to the region for the past twenty years.  The proposed gas hub at James Price Point threatens the prised Sailfish and Marlin grounds which are just […]

Minister's report vindicates STK position

The following report, released today, vindicates the position of Save The Kimberley, underlining the long term benefits to the nation – including jobs and revenue – when we conserve regions of outstanding national and global significance. Save The Kimberley calls for World Heritage status for the Kimberley, not turning large areas of this magnificent region […]