Protest and blockade, James Price Point, Days 19 and 20

Days 19 and 20 Another weekend is on us and the protest blockade is going as strong as ever. New faces are appearing all the time from Broome, the Kimberley, interstate and overseas. Progress with the complaint to the Department of Indigenous affairs has been slow and steady with investigations ongoing. Woodside contractors are more cautious than ever and no longer approach the blockade as a convoy, instead parking up the road and sending security people forward to be turned back again. The camp is in good spirits and well provisioned, but help and donations are always needed. Friday night a local celebrated her 60th birthday with friends, comrades and even a few visiting backpackers and tourists out at the camp, a slice of cake and a 60’s sing along around the campfire was enjoyed by all. If you are following events from afar and are thinking of visiting the camp look at Want to help Save The Kimberley? Looking for ideas of how you can help, no matter where you are Media: See the Dinosaur footprints at James Price Point story on 6:30 with George Negus = go to and scroll the stories at the top then click on the story to watch. Presentation: The impacts of the proposed gas hub, a powerpoint presentation to the Broome business community from our friends at Environs Kimberley. Photos: Some great new banners appearing at the blockade, photos thanks to Rod Hartvigson, Murranji Photography.

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