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Protest camp at James Price Point – update day3

The protest camp at Waldaman near James Price Point is in positive and strong spirit. After holding up the bulldozer’s progress along the road for another five hours this morning thoughts are turning to the next efforts to protect Country and stop the pre-emptive land clearing. All the folks at the camp would like to […]

Comment on proposed Camden Sound Marine Park

Save The Kimberley, 26 Jan 2011 Comments on the proposed marine park indicative management plan closed Feb 1st 2011. See Draft Submission Regarding the Proposed Camden Sound Marine Park indicative management plan 2010 Save The Kimberley is broadly supportive of protected areas in the Kimberley as one of a number of strategies to protect […]

ABC Stateline reports: Pilgrimage to JPP and Geoffrey Cousins joins the fight

A group of photographers from around WA recently spent several days at James Price Point photographing what Premier Barnett has previously referred to as an “unremarkable” piece of coastline.  The photographers are hoping to raise awareness about the importance of the area, in light of the gas hub proposed at the site.  Dunsborough based collaborating […]

New Report by Curtin Uni recommends tourism not gas development for the Kimberley

A new study by the Curtin University Sustainable Tourism Centre identifies plans for a massive polluting LNG industrial site near Broome as a serious threat to the Kimberley’s unique and globally-recognised tourism ‘brand’. The report entitled “Kimberley Whale Coast Tourism: A review of opportunities and threats” by Dr Michael Hughes and colleagues from Curtin University […]

Minister's report vindicates STK position

The following report, released today, vindicates the position of Save The Kimberley, underlining the long term benefits to the nation – including jobs and revenue – when we conserve regions of outstanding national and global significance. Save The Kimberley calls for World Heritage status for the Kimberley, not turning large areas of this magnificent region […]

Kimberley Coast – Beautiful, unique & threatened

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The $Value$ of a Land Worth Visiting

Some of those who are so greatly concerned about Australia’s economy have a major flaw in their thinking when it comes to their plans to exploit the northwest for her natural resources. The vehemently pro-industry lobby should consider the value in today’s — and future — dollars that those same natural areas can provide alternative […]

Martin Ferguson drops in to Broome

On Saturday, February 7th, Federal Minister for Tourism and Minister for Resources and Energy, Martin Ferguson, made a brief visit to Broome. Although he arrived on short notice, Ferguson was met by an enthusiastic group of concerned citizens (approx. 40 people) who wished to discuss the implications of building an industrial precinct for LNG processing […]

Many pollies seek a little "Broome time"

If you’re wondering what’s going on with all these politicians whizzing in and out of Broome, then you are not alone. Colin Barnett, Brendon Grylls and now Martin Ferguson. Their mission: To sell to Broome a Pilbara class industrial precinct. Their combined knowledge of the Kimberley matches their combined stay time in Broome, which amounts […]

Woodside a great Australian? Or Just another resource bully.

In its contemplation of where to pipe its Browse basin gas reserves to the WA coastline Woodside has the opportunity to set the benchmark in regards to its environmental impact. As it currently stands Woodside already has a significant industrial footprint in the Pilbara. To duplicate this again in the Kimberley is pure insanity, especially […]