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Protest and blockade, James Price Point, Days 19 and 20

Days 19 and 20 Another weekend is on us and the protest blockade is going as strong as ever. New faces are appearing all the time from Broome, the Kimberley, interstate and overseas. Progress with the complaint to the Department of Indigenous affairs has been slow and steady with investigations ongoing. Woodside contractors are more […]

Protest and blockade, manari road, James Price Point, update day 17

Day 17 23 June 2001 – As day 17 progresses No clearing has taken place. Clearing and drill workers this morning parked up and and a single car approached the protest camp today. The car was refused entry and later the bus also turned around, this has been a familiar pattern for some days now. […]

James Price Point, Manari road protest update days 15 and 16

Day 15 Well, it is over 2 weeks now and a committed and growing group of people, supported by their community have held Woodside, Shell, Chevron, BHP and the Barnett lead state government overlords at bay. What a remarkable achievement. Australia and the world is taking notice.   Yet again today a woodside contractor bus […]

Protest camp and blockade to save the Kimberley – Day 11, John Butler at the blockade.

Day 11   Big boost to morale last night and this morning as John Butler and Dan Sultan joined protesters at the Manari road blockade.   John expressed his support for all the people who have been staying strong to protect the Kimberley. “I feel passionate that this place should be preserved for generations to […]

Kimberley James Price Point protest blockade Day 9

Day 9 Morning Before dawn contractors working for the Browse joint venture (Woodside, Shell, Chevron, BHP, BP) arrived in convoy to attempt to clear bush and pump water from the aquifers near James Price Point as part of the proposed Gas processing complex. They were greeted by even more early-birds than yesterday with 40-50 community […]

Kimberley James Price Point protest blockade Day 8

Day 8 14th June 2011 The Woodside contractors attempted to break the blockade in the early hours of this morning. Again lead by strong Indigenous women, and ‘N’ in particular (who sat in front of the vehicles) the workers and machinery were turned back. One ‘move on’ notice was issued by Police but it was […]

Blockade at James Price Point day 6 and 7

Day 6 A day of rest. A vigil over the Bulldozer is successful and no clearing is undertaken. Day 7 A strong showing of traditional custodians and community are continuing the blockade on the Manari road to James Price Point. No heavy machinery or clearing workers are being allowed past. Protestors and Woodside hired security […]

Kimberely James Price Point protests – stopping the bulldozer, stopping the clearing – day 4 and 5 update

Day 4 and 5 Update Day 4, 10th June 2011 – After a night spent keeping a close eye on the bulldozer and other equipment protesters continued holding up the Bulldozer. No clearing has taken place and spirits are resolute. At one stage protesters were literally covering the bulldozer with their bodies. A solidarity action […]

Maverick Businessman Amps up Fight for the Kimberley

Broome business and community leaders recently gathered informally to hear from businessman Geoffery Cousins,  and Lachlan Douglas (son of the late Malcolm Douglas) with a welcome to country from Neilo McKenzie. Guests enjoyed a BBQ and drink under the stars, with conversation and free discussion following. Discussed by speakers and guests were: The fact that […]

STK and TWS Press Ministers in Canberra

Representatives from the Wilderness Society, Save The Kimberley, and the Broome community recently went on a whirlwind trip to Canberra, meeting with numerous ministers and their staff. The following article from the Broome Advertiser followed-up their travels. Kimberley Case at Canberra by Amy Williams, 31 March, 2011 Save The Kimberley frontmen Neil McKenzie and Albert […]