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Community protest blockade and camp to save the Kimberley, James Price Point – day 26

Day 26 Today protesters, including senior local Indigenous women, were issued with fines by police – see video below. They stood strong and there was again no clearing or drilling at James Price Point. The blockade is staunch and history is being made…   The day started overcast and slow. Events seemed to be unfolding […]

Kimberley gas protest camp and blockade manari rd, James Price Point day 25

Day 25 In Perth today Colin Barnett, Woodside and the Kimberley Land Council were re-announcing a deal struck around the threat of compulsory acquisition of James Price Point. Meanwhile at the blockade a foggy morning lifted to clear statements of opposition to the Gas hub proposal and strong arguments from Traditional Custodians who challenge the […]

Protest to save the Kimberley, manari rd, James Price Point, Kimberley, West Australia update days 22, 23 and 24

Day 22 Another successful morning on the blockade with the script playing out much as it has on other days. Woodside contractor bus and other vehicles turned back, no clearing allowed. The police ‘reality’ show the force turned up again, protesters have told them they do not want to be filmed as we are told […]

Protest and Blockade at James Price Point, Kimberley WA, day 21 update

Day 21 21 today! cause for celebration we think. Early on the blockade there was lots of action. A bulldozer caused consternation and was stopped but turned out to be not related to the clearing. Workers were stopped and the bus parked up the road.   The police visited and left again in record time. […]

Protest and blockade, James Price Point, Days 19 and 20

Days 19 and 20 Another weekend is on us and the protest blockade is going as strong as ever. New faces are appearing all the time from Broome, the Kimberley, interstate and overseas. Progress with the complaint to the Department of Indigenous affairs has been slow and steady with investigations ongoing. Woodside contractors are more […]

Protest and blockade, James Price Point day 18

Day 18 Yet another victory in turning back the Woodside contractors. But this we have done every day for 18 days now… so what is new?   Our new ‘catalyst for change’ prize giveaway – make a difference, save the Kimberley, and be in the running for Save The Kimberley exclusive great t-shirts, bandanas and […]

Albert Wiggan media release 230611

Media Alert 23/06/11 Call for Aboriginal Australians to protect Kimberley Country     Young traditional owner Albert Wiggan from Beagle Bay has joined a Broome community blockade, now into its 17th day and preventing Woodside works at the site of a proposed gas hub in The Kimberley. Albert is appealing to indigenous people “from all […]

Protest and blockade, manari road, James Price Point, update day 17

Day 17 23 June 2001 – As day 17 progresses No clearing has taken place. Clearing and drill workers this morning parked up and and a single car approached the protest camp today. The car was refused entry and later the bus also turned around, this has been a familiar pattern for some days now. […]

James Price Point, Manari road protest update days 15 and 16

Day 15 Well, it is over 2 weeks now and a committed and growing group of people, supported by their community have held Woodside, Shell, Chevron, BHP and the Barnett lead state government overlords at bay. What a remarkable achievement. Australia and the world is taking notice.   Yet again today a woodside contractor bus […]

Protest camp and blockade for James Price Point – update day 14

Day 14 As the sun rose on day 14 the scene at camp was upbeat. The camp is super tidy, well organised and with proper sanitary facilities. 30 odd cars and at least twice as many people supported the blockade and camp over the course of the morning, with many delivering supplies and goodwill before […]